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The Light of the World Unveils New Church in Chicago, Supports Revitalization of South Side Neighbor

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Summary: The Light of the World, a Christian-based faith with millions of members across countless congregations, celebrated its Holy Supper ceremony at its new location in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood, where it plans to support the state in the revitalization of the area.

Chicago, IL – August 15, 2021 – The Light of the World announced today that it has officially opened a new church in Chicago’s South Side region. The Christian faith consecrated the new location by hosting a Holy Supper celebration there – one of its most sacred events.

Located at 840 East 65th Street in Chicago, the building was previously abandoned and in very poor condition, requiring a lot of restoration and renovation throughout.

“When we bought this building, we had a lot of work to do to get it into better shape,” said The Light of the World member Isaias Campos Jr., who was onsite for the Holy Supper. “We knew by creating a congregation in the center of this neighborhood, we’d play an important role in renewing the area. There are abandoned houses and buildings everywhere, and our goal is to change that little by little.”

“Hosting our Holy Supper here has been a true blessing. Many of us came from humble homes, so growing up, it was such a great experience to be able to travel to Mexico to attend the event in person. It was a way for all of the members of our faith from different places and backgrounds to join together. It’s always been a reunion; a gathering of brotherhood, family, and a celebration of hope and what’s to come. Standing in front of the building before the celebrations this year, I felt the same sense of hope and tranquility I usually feel, but with added excitement about what we can bring to the neighborhood in terms of support, recovery, growth, and community,” he continued.

The Holy Supper took celebration was held between August 12-14 and commemorated the death and redemption of Jesus Christ as members reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for all people, while others are welcomed to join the faith through baptism. Fully Covid-compliant, the congregation followed all recommended health and safety protocols, including social distancing and the wearing of masks, allowing a small number of vaccinated members to attend services there in person.

The Light of the World has individual congregations across the world that each have their own internal administration but are spiritually united by the same faith and doctrine. With the addition of this new church, it has four locations in Chicago and over 500 locations across the U.S.


The Light of the World is a welcoming and inclusive faith, whose teachings are based on Christian principles rooted in the Holy Bible and practiced worldwide. The Light of the World faith teaches its members to spread kindness, respect, and love for all in the spirit of the Christian covenant and believes in unwavering faithfulness to God and service to mankind. The Light of the World is comprised of countless congregations across five continents. To learn more, please visit:


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