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Religious hate crimes still happening in North America in 2021

News 2-Day By Hilem Rodriquez

Monday May 24, 11:45 am ET.

Throughout the years many organizations, committees and people have worked to eradicate violence against religious groups. Yet, Religious hate crime are still prevailing in North America.

According to the most recent FBI Hate Crime Statistics Religions was reported as the second highest cause for hate crime in the U.S.

Credit: Leslie Westbrook)
Mount pleasant Louisiana 2019

Back in Spring 2019, Three churches in central Louisiana were intentionally burnt.

The suspect later pleaded guilty to three federal charges of intentional damage to religious property, which are hate crimes

under the church Arson prevention Act.

(Mount pleasant church one of the burnt churches in Louisiana in 2019 - Credit: Leslie Westbrook)

Canada is no exception to hate crime violence. On January 2017, a 27-year old man entered a mosque in Quebec City and opened fire.Six people were killed and five were seriously injured in the attack.

In Pachuca, Mexico a temple belonging to the religious organization called “La luz Del Mundo” was vandalized yesterday morning . Words such as “Rapist” and “Rat” were written outside the church walls. Church Members in the U.S and Mexico claim they’ve received violent threats due to Religious intolerance.

(“La luz del Mundo” Church in Pachuca, Mexico vandalized with graffiti)

According to members of the community, this comes following several news reports based on hearsay and stories without proof or facts about the spiritual leader and religious group. Violating the fifth amendment and the universal declaration of human rights that gives a person the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Spiritual leader, Naasón Joaquín García who is allegedly being accused of sex abuse cases has pleaded not guilty. A trial date has been set for García’s case on September 27th where a judge and the jury will review all allegations of both parties and determine the case.

(Church members of “La Luz del Mundo”

in Pachuca, Mexico making food bags for those in need)

Even after this incident church members in Pachuca, Mexico are still continuing to help their community today by giving food bags to families affected by the pandemic and inviting people to online prayers.


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