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East Chicago Mayor and community leaders inaugurate Block Stadium

EAST CHICAGO, IN – East Chicago Mayor Anthony Copeland and community leaders attended the official grand reopening of Block Stadium, a baseball stadium originally built in 1942 but recently renovated as part of Mayor’s Copeland public works projects.

The May 21st inauguration ceremony was attended by the Block family, community leaders including US Representative Frank J. Mrvan, Councilmember Terence Hill, Light of the World pastor Isaias Campos Jr. among other religious and community organizers.

Mayor Copeland thanked community and religious leaders for their work in the communities they serve. Of The Light of the World, a Christian church located on Wegg Street, Mayor Copeland said; “This church has played a fundamental part in me being a leader of the City. You have allowed me to remain humble and you have always blessed me, and I have never looked back. I continue to pray that you continue to pray for me.”

Photo JAI&I Grand Opening Event of Block Stadium May 21, 2022

A community previously flooded by crime and poverty has now seen a decline in crime. Pastor Campos Jr. of The Light of The World church said during the opening prayer invocation “Let our City be a beacon of hope and prosperity in this country”.

Block Stadium, located in the heart of East Chicago, was originally built by the Block brothers in 1942. Mayor Copeland stated, “The Block family provided a portion of the quilt that formed the life of many natives of East Chicago”.

Community leader Javier Melgoza 47 said “We have heard the Mayor state many times, I can fix the mortar but only God can cure the inside. In a time where it seems that politicians shy away from religion it’s encouraging to see one that embraces it”.

Block Stadium was originally built by three brothers who owned Inland Steel at a time when the city was thriving, and the baseball stadium became a place where East Chicago families could enjoy America’s favorite pastime.

Grand Opening of Stadium Park

Later while some cities prospered and grew their economies other cities’ economies withered. East Chicago’s economy withdrew and with it, Block Stadium fell into disrepair.

In the reopening of Block Stadium, Andy Block grandson of PD Block said, “Today we celebrate not only the opening of this stadium, but our first family gathering in many generations, today you have brought us together”.


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