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Religious Intolerance leads to an almost deadly assault in Houston Texas

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

NEW2-DAY / John Berlin July 12, 2021

In plain sight and in the middle of the day 12 rounds of a high caliber pistol were shot at the Church La Luz Del Mundo located in North Houston. Josue David Cordova, 27, opened fire at the religious building while a group of women, men and children were inside. The assailant also pointed his weapon at some parishioners present with the clear intention of shooting but luckily the weapons bullet clip was emptied at that point.

This is the third act of violence in which an armed individual opens fire towards this religious property and/or towards members of the congregation.

Eliezer Gutierrez Avelar, spokesperson for La Luz del Mundo stated:

"We are saddened and deeply concerned about today's attack at the temple of the Light of the World congregation in Houston, Texas. It is terrible and shocking when members are shot at. Thank God that none of the 12 bullets fired by the assailant harmed individuals inside the church. Unfortunately, this is not the first time congregations have been the target of religious hate crimes. We want to make it clear: this heinous act is not just an attack on members of The Light of the World - it is an attack on the very principle of religious freedom guaranteed to all by the U.S. Constitution. Those who sow religious intolerance must be held accountable."

Local Pastor Bigvai Estrada stated: “This has to stop! This is the result of inflammatory and misleading statements, of rhetoric that incites religious intolerance. Thank God no-one was hurt”.

Cordova is schedule to have a preliminary hearing today where he will face several charges such as deadly conduct and aggravated assault.


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