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Texas man accused of leaving date, killing parking lot scammer, then returning to finish dinner

New York Post by Patrick Reilly

Erick Aguirre, 29, who learned he had been scammed out of $40 by a fake parking attendant left his date inside a Houston restaurant, retrieved a gun from his car and allegedly fatally shot the man.

A Texas man dining with a woman left the restaurant and killed a fake parking attendant who swindled him out of $40 before returning to the eatery to finish the date, according to police.

Erick Aguirre, 29, was out on probation for an aggravated assault when he allegedly shot dead 46-year-old Elliot Nix in Houston on April 11 over the phony parking scheme.

Aguirre, who is facing murder charges, appeared in court on Thursday and his bond was set at $200,000, KPRC reported.

According to investigators, Aguirre and the woman parked separately in a lot in the city’s EaDo neighborhood. The pair was approached by Nix, who lied and said he was a parking attendant and asked for $40 for both of their cars.

Aguirre then walked to a corner store, got the cash and paid Nix before he and his date sat down at local burger joint Rodeo Goat, investigators said.

“There was a waiter who knew that the guy was scamming people for parking, and he advised them, ‘Hey, that guy is scamming you for parking,’” an attorney for Aguirre’s date, Rick DeToto, told the outlet.

An enraged Aguierre was then spotted by witnesses at a nearby smoke shop sprinting back to his car, grabbing a handgun and chasing Nix down the street. A witness said he didn’t see the shooting but heard a gunshot ring out shortly before 8 p.m.

Aguierre allegedly shot Nix and left his body on the side of the road, investigators said.

He then “nonchalantly” walked back, put the gun back in his car and returned to the restaurant, officials said.

He allegedly told the woman that “everything was fine” and that he just scared the man, according to court documents obtained by Fox News.

“…At some point, [Aguierre] said he was uncomfortable with the restaurant and they left” to eat somewhere else, DeToto told KPRC.

Houston Police officers responded to a call about the shooting and found Nix unresponsive with a gunshot wound. He was transported by EMS to an area hospital where he was declared dead, police said.

Aguierre’s date had no clue what had happened until police released photos of the two together and said they were wanted for questioning in connection with the shooting.

She voluntarily called police and was interviewed on April 13.

“She wanted to do the right thing. She wanted to make sure that she came forward and told the police what she knew,” DeToto said.

A warrant for Aguirre’s arrest on April 15. He was arrested in his native Corpus Christi area and brought back to Harris County, where he was booked into jail on Tuesday.


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