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The Re-birth of a City

News 2-day Floridalma Cruz November 9, 2021

Tuesday November 9 Waukegan Illinois,- Mayor Ann Taylor visited the Church The Light of The World ( La Luz Del Mundo Church) located in Waukegan Illinois. During her visit she talked to several Waukegan’s about her vision for the City. She mention that this city is in a process of Re-Birth and the ability to unite as a community is critical for a better tomorrow. During this visit, she also spoke to Local Pastor Isaias Campos Jr. were she learned more about the community of The light of The World.

Mayor Taylor explained, that it is important to work with faith based communities and that these very communities may hold the answer to many of the challenges faced by the residents of Waukegan. She explained her sincere worry of her City’s youth and the importance of taking action as concerned citizens. The ability to prevent and not only react to certain situation, became a key point in a more than hour long conversation between her and Pastor Campos.

Pastor Campos explained that a fundamental principle of a good Christian is to will always be a good citizen. “ Our community strongly believes that our actions must always echo louder than our words, only by being people of action can we become the Light of the World.” It is important to mention that a great portion of the members of this church are hispanic-young and middle aged adults. This is a portion of the population that has not been represented well as per Mayor Taylor. However, she is hoping that conversations similar to today can continue to occur with the purpose of bridging the gap between her office and this community.

When asked if she saw anything positive from her visit today and she replied, “so much came out of this today that was positive. The fact that my vision and this church vision is the same it’s just phenomenal to me. The fact that we care about the community and want to invest in the community; want to make this community strong; to see a vision for our city where this community works together, supports each other , helps each other in ways such as health issues or in supporting a family, mentoring families in business or working with children through academics, and to find that this church is doing this already is tremendous to me.”

Mayor Ann Taylor said before leaving “this visit has made my day”.


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