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Floridalma Cruz

May 5, 20224:20pm


Gambits have become an essential part of the American judicial system. From Washington to Los Angeles it seems that the traditional methods of intellect and well-versed arguments that would normally stun the average person are no longer necessary. The law book has become just another reference of what should be done, but not what is done.

Take for example the leaked draft on the abortion vote made by the nation's highest court. Few people have taken the time to seriously read the 98-page draft written by Justice Alito. Does it have judicial substance? Do we as citizens understand that judges should not feel political, media or social pressures to rule on a decision? They are not in office to make law, which is the sole job of Congress. They are there to enforce the law, no matter what they feel or what their personal beliefs are. But will the law prevail in our judicial system, or will the court of political schemes win this round.

International Headquarters of La Luz del Mundo in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

Another example this week was the high profile case, People v Garcia where Judge Marcus clearly stated that the prosecution had suppressed information and that the premises of People v Garcia were clearly negated by the withheld evidence but nevertheless it was not Material according to Marcus. Brady was not met, even though for an hour and a half attorney Caleb Mason clearly explained how this was a clear Brady Material case and Judge Marcus clearly lectured the prosecution on how this was Brady and how it should have been handled.

The responses that both state's attorneys gave to such violations were terribly mediocre at best. Never the less they have run a spot on media campaign against Garcia, Coincidentally boosting the rating and the Agenda that Secretary Becerra had as Attorney General of California at the time, as he positioned himself to be a front runner to be in President's Biden Cabinet.

Whether Mr. Garcia should be in jail or whether Roe vs. Wade should be overturned the answer can only be found in the law. That is why we must not allow the law to be part of political or social propaganda, but rather the hallmark of the U.S. Constitution should lie in the following words of the preamble liberty and justice for all.


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