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How discrimination against minorities is moving the U.S.

Updated: May 16, 2021

NEW 2-DAY By: Hilem Rodriquez

(Rally against anti-Asian hate Crimes outside L.A’s City Hall)

The COVID-19 pandemic is shining a new light

at the discrimination against minorities across the U.S.

A study by Pew Research center Shows that 58 percent of Asian Americans

and 45 percent of Black Americans say verbal discrimination against

their race has become more common since the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to a research by Reporting Forum Stop AAPI Hate

an approximate of 3,800 hate incidents against the Asian community

were reported from March 2020 to February 2021.

68 percent of case were verbal harassment

and 11 percent of cases escalated to physical assault.


(Protesters holding signs / Credits: Democrat and Chronicles)

The racially motivated shooting in an Atlanta’s spa that killed

six Asian women sparked outrage in the Asian Community.

Various protests across the country supporting the stop Asian hate

movement have been seen on the streets in aims to fight the social stigma.

As for the second largest minority group in the U.S. the fight for justice continues.

According to a study 83 Percent of Black men say they have been stopped

unfairly by police for their ethnicity or race.

Monday’s Black lives matter protest in Minneapolis shows that

Police brutally against Black Americans will no longer be tolerated.


(Protest for the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright/Credits: John Minchillo)

Although America prides itself in religious freedom and tolerance,

Religious groups are no exception to the social discrimination.

20 Percent of victims were targeted due to their religious beliefs.

Making religion the second highest cause for hate crime in the U.S.

Many Social Media users and various celebrities are using

The technology to help spread the message to stop

the discrimination and violence towards minority groups.


(Social Media Apps/ Credits: Hilem Rodriguez)

Various hashtags such as #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate

Among others have been seen across various platforms like Instagram,

Facebook, Tik Tok in aims to fight the social stigmas.


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